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Sump Pumps Services

The last line of the defense against basement flash floods, pumps and sumps pumps are great way to move water out of your home. Set up a consultation to learn more about the optimal placement for your basement. Whether you need a standard installation or are looking at "back up" systems in the event of power failure, we can help you.
Of course, if you want to move water into your home, we can help you with that too. By providing regular pump checks and maintenance, you can count on us to ensure proper water pressure and performance of your well pump.

Water Well Pumps

Although the vast majority of those living in New York State are on municipal water service, there are approximately 1.9 Million water well users according to Cornell University http://waterquality.cce.cornell.edu/supply.htm. Correctly servicing the needs of water-well pumps as well as understanding how an aquifer is a particular set of skills.

Sewage and Ejection Pumps

The choice to install a sewage or ejection pump requires considerable understanding of your property's location in the sewage line. For those customers who use septic tank systems this is a consideration as well. If you're about to start on a basement renovation project that includes a full bath or powder room, give us a call. Planning to include a sewage or ejection pump can reduce the potential for some very "messy" problems, down the road.

Submersible Pumps

Most commonly used for water-wells, submersible pumps have application in both residential and commercial locations. So for use in irrigation and ponds, we can perform installation and advise on best models for your use.

Jet Pumps

These pumps are often used to service residential or vacation spots (such as cabins) where water levels are farther underground. Shallow well jet pumps will service you nicely when water levels are less than 25 feet below ground. But going from there to a depth of 110 feet a deep-well-jet pump is a better option. Work with plumbing professionals (Like Spampinato) who understand your needs as well as your environment.


There are so many potential needs when serving our home and business customers. From timely arrival and completion to understanding that the "unexpected" can happen for both the service Tech as well as the customer, Spampinato has the experience to take all of it in-stride. We'll take good care of you with honest up-front pricing at the start and job-site clean up when we're done.

Maintenance & Repair

From the common sump to the more complex systems, pumps are often the "unsung heroes" of our every day lives. We rarely think about them...until they stop working! In some cases, replacing an old and worn out sump pump is simple. But since that request often comes after a basement has flooded, scheduling routine maintenance is often easier and less expensive for our customers. Contact us to learn how easy we can make it to keep your place safe and dry.

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