Power Mole System

Power Mole System Trenchless Excavation

Our Pow-r Mole methods are designed to minimize digging and maximize productivity. This unique system uses Dry Bore Steerable Thrust Boring Equipment which, in our opinion, is the most powerful and effective currently available.

Environmentally Considerate

Because the Pow-r Mole is dry bore system requires NO HARMFUL BORE LUBRICANTS, any impact on the environment is nominal. This process also takes your surrounding property or yard into consideration. Since this reduces our need to dig long, visible trenches, we're able to work around pavement, landscaping and other incoming lines to ensure they remain untouched! Your yard stays beautiful while we get the job done for you.


Pow-r Mole Equipment is productive, efficient and economical. Our operators direct the Pow-r Mole from a small pit and are able to move when customers need us to do so. Typically our Technicians are called in for these services when the need arises for replacing old pipes and/or installing new pipes which are spec'd for installation under roads, house, driveways, and landscaping.